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Laramie Overview

After Cheyenne and Casper, Laramie is the 3rd largest city in terms of population located in Wyoming. The city was founded in the mid of 1860s and was named after Jacques LA Rime, a French trapper who disappeared in the Laramie mountains. The economy of the county is continuously growing, making it the 7th best place to live, thanks to the lowest unemployment yet highest median income rate. You can check all businesses and industries residing in Laramie at

Popular Tourism & Things to Do

Laramie is a vibrant college town packed with western history, modern art, and quaint accommodations. The city has 14 parks, which include swimming pools, a jogging track, wading pools, baseball and softball fields, golf courses, river fishing, and much more activities where one can spend leisure time with families in a fun way. The natural unspoiled geography of the Laramie area makes it a perfect destination to enjoy unparalleled outdoor activities.

Laramie Economy

The city was settled in the mid-19th century where early businesses were railroad tie treatment plant, rolling mills, slaughter house, brick yard, glass manufacturing, and many others which you can check at The strong yet growing economy predicts the future employment rate will grow to 18.6%, attracting many people to live in.

Transportation & Infrastructure

The city has a strong transportation infrastructure network, providing a top-notch ground and air transportation system. Laramie has local bus, railroad, and dedicated system, funded by the city administration, which indicates their pledge and support to public transportation systems.

Education in Laramie

Laramie is home to state’s only university named “University of Wyoming”, which was founded back in 1886 and enrolled almost 13,000+ students in different engineering and business courses. There are several elementary, middle, and high schools in the district, offering state-of-the-art public education to their residents. The Laramie County Central Library and the Wyoming University Library have additional learning resources. You can check contact information of libraries, schools, college, and universities of Wyoming at

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